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Pennsylvania Boating Safety Education Course (sponsored by Sea Scout Ship 484)

Where: The Delaware River Yacht Club, 9635 Milnor Street, Philadelphia PA 19114

When: Saturday, April 29, 2017  09:00 to 17:00 (approx) Check in starts at 08:30

Fee: $25.00 (PA Boating Safety Education Certificate is not covered by fee)

Light breakfast and lunch are included. 

Pre-registration is required.  Space is limited!

For questions or information about registration:  Henry Berk or 267-971-4591

Historic Bristol Township Invites Boaters Ashore (Excerpted from Philadelphia Inquirer, Feb. 04, 2017 Local News Section).

After years of struggle the funding for this project has become a reality.  In phases which should end in the summer of 2018, an 80 foot long fishing pier will be installed with pilings connecting with two concrete docks each 250 feet long attached perpendicularly to this pier affording a transit docking space for up to 25 vessels.

Other advantages for this area would be the potential operating area for tour boats e.g. the A. J. Meerwald, a restored 1928 oystering vessel, docking space for boats whose crews would be able to disembark and wander about the Main and Mill Streets attractions, have a meal at the ca 1681 King George II inn and other venues or enjoy summer open air concerts or enjoy theater events at the Bristol Riverside ca 1986 theater.

This safe port, would be a haven for boaters needing to escape from inclement weather!

Those supporting this project included Bristol Borough Council, former U.S. Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick (R. Bucks); the U.S. Fish Boating Wildlife Service Boating Infrastructure project; the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, e.t.a.l.


Opening Day 2016

A note of appreciation is extended to the members of the DRYL: President & Miss DRYL plus DRYL Member Club Officers and Princesses including but not limited to the following: Anchor Yacht Club; Bridesburg Outboard Club; Neshaminy Harbor Yacht Club; Pennsylvania Yacht Club; Wissinoming Y.C. plus Susan Curran(Bordentown Y.C.)  our National Anthem soloist.  They all braved the elements to  attend the Opening Day ceremonies at DRYC  hosted by Commodore Rob Stecher and first lady Danena Stecher.

Threatening and intermittent showers didn't deter the spirit of those attending and members of the Del. River Y.C. and their visitors.  Also a note of thanks is extended to the DRYC Entertainment Comm. including Rob & Danena S; Bob & Mary O.; Tom & Marianne L.+ children and Jim Edwards, Taps soloist plus Julie A., memorial wreath.  

Best regards Bill Garwood,  DRYC Sec. & Chaplain 


Work Parties

Remember to keep track of your work hours and make sure the Committee Chairman Supervisor records your time and passes it on to the Treasurer so you get proper credit.  Now's the time to work, get credit, and enjoy one of the most attractive features of DRYC, Work Parties!

In Bensalem, Pa. high hopes for waterfront development
Excerpted from the Philly Inquirer Item

By Jennifer Lin, Inquirer Staff Writer  Posted: April 23, 2013

Bensalem Mayor Joseph DiGirolamo calls his township's five-mile waterfront a "mishmash" of uses.  "There are light industry and chemical storage; parks and older apartment houses; riverside cottages and the 18th-century Andalusia estate.

But on 45 open acres on State Road just over the Philadelphia line, tucked between a truck yard and small warehouses, the mayor sees the future taking shape.

 The Waterside development will include an eight-acre park, public square, street-level shops, a restaurant, food store and a marina.  Waterside will feature a street grid linking State Road to the Delaware's edge and making the river more accessible to the public.  "It's an opportunity," DiGirolamo said. His goal: "To make sure people enjoy the waterfront."

Editors note:  This will be an opportunity for boaters to travel to a commercial venue with shopping, entertainment and food available.

Submitted by Wm. Bill Garwood, 12/21/`15

Philly Inquirer. On or about Sep. 24th, 2015
Fisherman's Energy latest attempt to get approval for its proposed offshore wind project was rejected Friday.
By The Associated Press on September 24, 2015 at 2:12 PM, updated September 24, 2015 at 2:42 PM
ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. — The federal government plans to lease nearly 344,000 acres of the ocean floor off the coast of New Jersey to companies interested in building offshore windmills to generate electricity. The Interior Department and the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management says that if fully developed, the leases could result in enough wind-generated electricity to power 1.2 million homes. So far, 13 companies have been qualified to bid on the New Jersey leases. The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management has so far awarded nine commercial offshore wind leases, including seven through the competitive lease sale process. Two are off Rhode Island- Massachusetts, another two are off the Massachusetts coast, two more are off Maryland and one is off Virginia. The federal government says the lease sales have generated about $14.5 million in winning bids for more than 700,000 acres in federal waters. But some question the relatively close proximity to the shoreline (about 7 miles at its closest point), which they say could interfere with migrating shorebirds. Some recreational and commercial fishing groups also worry about being banned from productive fishing grounds near the windmills once they are built. The lease area would run roughly from Long Beach Island to the southern tip of the state near Cape May.

Feds to Lease Offshore Windmill Sites off NJ Coast

America's Volunteer Guardians:  US Coast Guard Aux. Boating Class

About boating safety, 4 weeks every Wednesday night from 7pm - 9pm.  Total 8 hours instructions, test on 5th week.  Starting on 2/14/15.  N.A.S.B.L.A. approved.  Location: Wissinoming Yacht Club, Delaware Ave. at Devereaux St.  Call for price on Family Plan.  Fee $50 per person.  Call Vince Paone at 215-349-0982.

Coping With Other Boats' Wakes

Alas, not every skipper reads Seaworthy, (our damage-avoidance publication, available free to our insurance customers, and online at, and not every skipper is as courteous as you are. There will be times when you'll encounter a wake that has the potential to do serious damage to your nervous system, passengers, and the boat itself. The larger the other boat's wake (and the smaller your boat), the more important it is to lessen the impact.

First, if your boat is underway, don't wait until it's flying through the air to pull back on the throttle; slow the boat well before reaching the wake. Bringing the boat to a complete stop, however, is counterproductive; boats are far more stable when they're moving and you must also be careful not to lose steerage.

Avoid taking the wake on your beam. Especially in small boats, it's better to turn toward the wake briefly, then come back on course when you're in smooth water. Rather than plow directly into the wake at a 90-degree angle, bear off a few degrees so that you cross at a slight angle. This helps your boat's hull grip the waves and reduces the chances your boat (and passengers) will be thrown into the air.

  • Work Hours
    Members that still need work hours, a person is needed to handle the trash until January. The trash goes out on Wednesday evenings, this includes all of the cans throughout the yard. Thursday afternoon, the empty cans are brought back in and dispersed throughout the yard as well. The member taking on this task will receive 2 hours a week, 8 hours a month for this task. Interested members can contact Scott Lynch @ 215-379-8685.

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    Attention Committee Chairs

    Please don't forget to let your fellow members know of any announcements, events and news you may have concerning your committee.Call the Beacon Hotline at 215-704-9757, for posting in the Beacon and Email for posting on the website.

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