Delaware River Yachtsmen's League (DRYL)

Queen's Pageant - Introducing the 2016 DRYL Queen, Caitlin Murphy

Queen Caitlin (center) Ran Del; 1st Runner Up FSA Princess Maggie (2nd from right), 2nd Runner Up BYC's Princess Brianna (2nd from left), and Co-Miss Congeniality's BOC's Princess Alyson (far right) and QCYC's Princess Jennica (far left).

DRYL Poker Run Regatta @ DRYC

We opened our card pick up station at about 10a on Saturday June 18th. we didn' have to wait too long before the poker run regatta vessels began to arrive. Carol & I manned the sign in & card pick up table with help from Mike Smith; John Macanny provided bottled water, extra pretzels plus setting up a large ice bath for the beverages plus setting up a lounge area for boaters to"hang out"; Mike Smith provided Snapple Ice tea for the travelers while Henry Berk and members of Sea Scouts, Ship 484 provided the man power on the docks to handle the many vessels that came in with approximately 150 expectant poker players; the total of 324 people participated in the regatta. WOW!!!

Here is the list of winners and the $ winnings: Zoltan P. won the $200 Loser's Pool - not a bad return on a $5 investment - he only had a pair of Queens.

5th Place with a Full Boat Ace's over 5's went to Joe M. who pocketed $405

4th Place went to Frank C. who also had a Full Boat Ace's over Kings and Frank also took home $405.

3rd Place with 4 10's went to Bryan S. who left happy with $810.

2nd Place was Chris M. who had 4 Queens and he strutted away with $1,621

1st Place went to Robert C. who had 5 Jacks and floated away with !!! $3,242 !!!

It is interesting to note that all winners came from the North end of the river.

From what we heard everyone enjoyed their experience at DRYC during this event. I am very appreciative of the help which came from John Macanny, Mike Smith, Carol G. and the leader & members of Sea Scout Ship 484.


Mike Smith, DRYC/GST awards winner of DRYL's Club of the Year, ANCHOR YACHT CLUB, contest. Ceremony was held at the 2016 League Banquet @ Cannstatters.

July 11 - 19 - Chesapeake Bay Cruise

Sept. 26 - DRYL Queen's Celebration

at Anchor Yacht Club and Open House, 2pm - 6pm, BYOB.


The Delaware River Yachtsmen's League (D.R.Y.L.) was founded in 1914 by Frederick Von Nieda of Camden, NJ. The League was formed with five clubs which were Camden Yacht Club, Columbia Yacht Club, Farragut Sportsmen's Club, Trenton Yacht Club and Wissinoming Yacht Club.  It has grown into an organization that has over 5,000 members which come from 37 Yacht Clubs and Organizations that cover the boating area from the Delaware River in Trenton, N.J. to the Cohansey River in the Delaware Bay and also includes the Lagoon View Yacht Club on Barnaget Bay.  We are also affiliated with 3 Boating Organizations.... The National Boating Federation, The Chesapeake Bay Yacht Clubs Assoc. and The Boater Voter Coalition.

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